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 I feel real cool right now. :D I'm posting this from dreamwidth, so I apologize for all the little explanations that all you LJ people already know. 

ok, this week. Monday. 


monday. I really need to start writing this stuff down day to day so I actually have something to tell you guys :p I don't remember what happened on monday. I didn't have to watch the monster (my younger cousin, Quinn). I might've had to go get Kevin from his religion project thing. 

Tuesday, had to watch the monster while my mother carted my older brother around the city. then she gave me the choice of watching quinn or getting kevin, and I got kevin :D 

Wednesday, jared was thrown in jail for something (I don't actually know what it was this time, and I don't want to know. I'm sick of his shit and I don't care anymore). I only know this because Brandon asked me why my dad was in such a bad mood on wednesday when brandon called. I had no answer for him, until I thought about what happened on...

...thursday. had to watch the monster ALL DAY. I went to sleep at like...four in the morning on thursday. my mother comes in to my room at around 7 or 8, I don't remember, and is like 'come on, you have to come and watch quinn. I have to go bail jared out of jail.' so I had to sit and play super mario bros on the Wii all frickin' day. I officially hate that game. he took a break at one point to eat or something, and then wants to play again. he doesn't want to watch his shows, which I can't blame him for, the kids shows on nickelodeon are bullshit. but he sets it up, and chooses the second saved game thing. I look at him, and he just smirks at me, because he knows he's done something wrong. his mother, my aunt mary, specifically told me when she was leaving to take his brother owen to school that his game was number three.

so I ask him for the controller and he gave it to me, and I went back to the title screen and picked number three for him. he pitched a fit, yelling and screaming about how he wanted to go to number two, why couldn't he play number two. but his yelling and screaming doesn't get to me. it's when he throws things at me and hits me that he gets to me. 

my mom gets back to his house, my aunt mary's house, at around...12. maybe. and I'm like, can you take me home now? and she's like, 'no. you can take the car, but then you have to pick up kevin at 2 or whenever. or you can walk.'

it was pouring outside. thanks mom. so I waited for two hours, but I couldn't take quinn yelling and screaming and telling me what to do in a game he sucks at, so I sucked it up and drove home. picked up kevin at 2 or whenever, and then I tried to go to sleep. 

my mother calls at 3, an hour later. 'are you going to pick up owen?' and I'm like, what the eff?! no. so she's like, you have to bring the car back then, we have to pick up owen. so I had to go back there again and play his stupid game with him while she picked up owen. 

got home, went to sleep, woke up at 7 in the evening. tried to go back to sleep at like...2 in the morning. I think it worked. but then I still slept till around 2 in the afternoon. very discouraging. there's no point in having a normal sleep schedule if I'm not going to sleep normally. hmph.

Friday, my Dad's friend Robert Munday came into town. my other Uncle Robert, except of course we're not related, and he's the one who calls himself my uncle :p He and my Dad worked together years ago and by chance actually kept in touch. they do the same job, they're computer consultants or something. they worked together at Milwaukee Valve. as consultants, they're not actually employees, but they get paid a helluva lot more than actual employees. the downside, they can get let go at the drop of a hat. my dad has been lucky enough to find jobs around milwaukee, or at least still in WI, so he isn't really gone much. Robert Munday has worked all over the country. he lives in Montgomery, Alabama. right now he works in Jacksonville, FL. 

so he came into town Friday night. we went to Balistreri's, an italian place. apparently my parents used to go there every friday for fish fry, and that was Robert's requirement for the night, he wanted to go for fish fry. the three adults got fish fry, kevin jared and I got pizza. hung out with Alex friday night. it was a little subdued. he was a little drinky and hungry, I was a little...I'm not sure. *shrug* we only stayed for an hour or so, because after he'd eaten he got uber tired. 

Saturday we went to George Webb for breakfast with Mr. Munday. it's usually a family thing and guests are welcome, but my Uncle Bob (robert, my dad's brother) had to do something with school (he's going back to school to get a degree in christian studies or something) so he wasn't able to make it. it was me, kevin, jared, my dad, robert munday, and brandon (it always occurs to me while we're there, and sometimes before we go, that I'm always the only girl there. at webb's, I mean. every weeked :p). I watched movies and/or read most of the afternoon. tried to start Pride & Prejudice because I just started this awesome P&P Trek fic, but it's only two chapters in. so I started the movie, the version with Keira Knightley, but got bored. it was too slow for my mood. so I put in 10th Kingdom instead. didn't finish it, it's six freakin' hours long or so. 

for dinner we went to Marty's, a pizza place in Brookfield. Robert loves their pizza, I assume he first had it when he was working in Milwaukee. we always go there when he comes to visit. my Mother was working, so it was me, kevin, jared, aly&brandon, my dad and robert. after Marty's we went to Kopps. I had suggested it as a joke, we were driving home and my dad says 'where to next?' and I yelled out Kopps! (it's a huge van and I was in the waaayyy back, I had to yell :p) and then said, 'just kidding'. we don't usually do the dessert thing after we go out for dinner. it was a joke. but I put the idea in Robert's head, so then we went anyways. :D 

And dad wakes me up at 4:37 and tells me that I have five minutes to get ready if I want to go out to dinner tonight (we go out every sunday, my mother and her siblings and the families). so I rush to get ready and we go to Texas Roadhouse. we get there and Mary, Sean, Owen and Quinn and Judy are already seated, waiting for us. Judy had to get up and let me scoot in to the booth, because apparently Owen wanted to sit next to me. he does this a lot actually. he'll ask me to sit by him, but then he doesn't speak to me all night. I don't get it :p

we get home, I come back upstairs to continue watching Secret Life (all the season are on hulu, it's soooo exciting! :D). I had to use the bathroom, so I'm in there. it's literally like...five or ten minutes after we'd come home from dinner. and my mother knocks on the bathroom door and is like, 'do you want to go see a movie? if you do, we have to leave right this very minute.' again, thanks mom :p

so we went and saw The Blindside at the budgets (a theatre where movies are $2, a dollar on tuesdays. they get movies after they leave the regular theatres, marcus, AMC and the like. it's a crap theatre, very rundown, but the prices make up for it :p). it was a good movie. I don't know that Sandra Bullock deserved the oscar for it, but I certainly liked it :D 

which brings us to now. I might watch some more Secret Life, I might read this Titanic-based Trek fic and go to sleep early. my Mother would like me to go with her to look at couches tomorrow afternoon, so I can't stay up all night long. we'll see.


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