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 so I realize that I didn't do my end of the week update, my....weekend update, you might say? Just call me Colin Quinn. 

I'm a little tipsy right now, so if this post is a little more fun and funny even, you can blame that :p (I refuse to say 'I'm a little drunk' because I had two drinks, but apparently those brandy and coke's hit me kinda hard :p)

so, monday...well, I've recently become obsessed with the actor (I keep saying Stellan, but that's his father and definitely not who I'm obsessed with) Alexander Skarsgard and so around the monday time (it might've been monday, it might've been last saturday, I'm really not sure :p) I downloaded the HBO mini-series he was in, Generation Kill. it was pretty much awesome and so I'm on the hunt for the three Rolling Stones issues that contain the three articles that Evan Wright wrote which eventually spawned the book, which is where HBO got the mini-series from. 

tuesday, wednesday, thursday were much of the same; finding things about Generation Kill, skipping through the True Blood eps to watch ASkars parts, re-vamping my icons to include a multitude of ASkars icons and things...yea. went to Chipotle with Erin one of those days and then back to her house to start watching Generation Kill with her. we have three episodes left. she loves it, which is awesome. 

Friday, my sister and brother-in-law had to have their ducts (whenever my mother said it I kept thinking she was saying 'ducks', which would've worked to a point because Brandon's a big hunter so has a lot of stuffed ducks and so I thought they were cleaning his animals or w/e....but no. ended up being much more boring than that :p) cleaned and then they had this huge baby merch sale at USA Baby, so they skipped out on dinner to do that. the rest of us went to Culver's instead of the mall because my mother also had to work, so going through the tedium of the mall was just out.

saturday...we went to webb's a little late, around 4ish because aly and brandon had this 3-D sonogram thing to go to, so my mother and father and brandon's mother and step-father went to that and we went to webb's after, because it's like...literally down the block. so for the rest of the day I felt like I was behind about five hours or so. we usually go to webb's at around 10 or 11 in the morning, so at like 7 I felt like it was 12 in the afternoon (it even looked like 12 in the afternoon, my day was all fucked up) and I wanted to go out and...I don't know, play in a park like a five year old or something. seemed like a good idea at the time.

today....was my cousin and godchild Quinn's fourth birthday party. my aunt mary always makes really great food for these parties, but I wasn't feeling it and had maybe a sandwich or two. disappeared for maybe a half-hour to go to the library to pick up the 'Generation Kill' book and no one noticed I was missing, total win in my book :p 

and then...tonight I went out with alex to mad dog saloon and as I said, got a little tipsy. and that brings us to here, me Colin Quinn herself telling you about my week. I have to take the car in for an oil change at 7:45 tomorrow...later today :p that should be awesome, my dad said I could get BK Lounge for breakfast after. score.

hm...yea. I had something else, like five seconds ago, but it's gone now. 

THAT'S WHAT IT WAS. I got a job at Summerfest, a yearly thing that Milwaukee does, 11 days of bands, beer and...I don't have another 'B' word. damn. w/e, there's a lot of music and drinking. it's the largest musical festival in the world. pretty cool, if you ask me. *shrug*

yea I think I'm done. 

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 so with the abandonment of my 30 days of me! game, I guess I can get back to my random posting of nothing and my weekly updates. 

Monday. hm. I haven't been doing anything substantial lately because I've been so engrossed in this new book series, The Sookie Stackhouse novels, also called the Southern Vampire Mysteries. my mother bought me the boxed set of seven two christmas' ago. two more have come out since then, and there's one scheduled to come out in May, so that makes ten books so far. I'm four chapters into the ninth at the moment.

these books are good. I don't love Sookie, the main character. the book is first person POV, so it's all told from sookie's point of view, and she...well, she annoys me. seriously, the only reason I'm reading these books is because of the vampires, and one vamp in particular. the character Eric Northman. he's so frickin awesome and I'm totally in love with him and finally, FINALLY, she's (the author) done what I want her to with him, and his relationship with sookie. 

so those books have really wrapped me up this week. I know I picked Alex up from work one day and we drove around a little, stopped at Culver's for lunch...well, hah, dinner :D we made tentative plans to hang out maybe two or three times this last week but that never happened. no big deal, I've been so into these books I barely notice the outside world. 

I'm just gonna skip to Friday because as I said, I haven't been doing much of anything this last week. we went to Taco Bell instead of the mall on friday because Brandon wasn't going to be there and Jared didn't show up either. the song 'Time After Time' came on while we were there. I have a version that's done by Eva Cassidy, and apparently the original was by Cindi Lauper? I don't know. but this one was by like...I don't even know, Less Than Jake or Silversun Pickups. some punk/pop band that I don't listen to. I remember catching a few of the lyrics and being like...'um, wtf mates?' and Aly just goes, 'yea, it's what you think it is.' so funny. there's no need to re-do a song like that in such an upbeat tempo. it's not meant to be like that :p

Saturday we went to Webb's at around 11 something. my mother actually came with us, so it was my Mother, my Father, my uncle bob, my cousins ben and mike and me. a little after we ordered my mom asks what the date is, I don't know why, but she did and I look at my phone and tell her, it's the 17th. and the annoying lightbulb goes off over my head and I remember that I had the stupid summerfest interview yesterday morning. It was 12 in the afternoon, the interviews were going on until 1 PM. my mother and I rushed home, I changed clothes, found my purse and my social security card, we rushed down to summrefest and got there at like....12:30. so I made it, had the interview, it was all good. 

that night, Kevin and I went over to Aly and Brandon's house to watch the Chipmunk movie, the Squeakquel. we'd watched the first one as a big family thing, and I'd actually brought Jesse to that, hah. the movie was ok. you could tell they were grasping at any kind of plotline they could come up with to be able to introduce the Chipettes, and it was thin and not well formed because of that. 

today, I read the 9th Sookie book and we went to Olive Garden for dinner. I sat around and didn't eat much because everyone was talking to me, about the Summerfest job, about the Post Office job that I haven't heard anything about in weeks. so that's kind of annoying. *shrug*

hm..go read the sookie stackhouse books. eric is my absolute favorite person right now :D 

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