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  • Day 12 - whatever tickles your fancy: hm...another piece of fic? This would be from my new obsession, my Trek fic. I swore to myself that I would never write Trek fic, but this one snuck up on me and exploded in one of my dreams and now it won't leave me alone :D I'm throwing you in kind of randomly, but I want opinions on this. It's the scene where they (the male and female leads) break-up, so yes I understand you haven't even seen how they even get together yet, I said, I want to see how I did on this. this story has become my baby, and I haven't had a baby story in a long time :p

what you have to know for this fic going in (other than that I'm throwing you out into the deep end of the fic itself) is that I'm using Gaila as an old girlfriend for Kirk. they're what I'm calling 'sandbox sweethearts'. they've been friends since they were babies, he proposed when he was five :p, and they were 'together' (as together as you can be when you're in grade school :p) up until she left right before freshman year of high school. and now she's back, at the end of their senior year. okie doke :D

OH, and she (my female lead) has five brothers. she refers to a 'them' at one point. she's talking about her brothers and her father. her mother is dead. 


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