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I missed you LJ/DW!! :D

today is as Saturday. I think it has been at least a month or two since I updated this/LJ. I've been so into so many different TV Shows/Movies, I've hardly even been updating twitter :p I'm still all over tumblr though...

I think I told you about the Bones obsession, but if not, I'm now obsessed with Bones and therefore, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. and because of the D. Boreanaz thing, I went back and am now watching Buffy and Angel all over again. I used to watch them on TV but never actually finished the series while it was on TV, so this is new and exciting, and also old and refreshing. 

that made sense in my head. I'm sorry if it didn't make sense to you :p

I got into Bones on my bestest's recommendation, and she also likes Castle, so now I also like, well LOVE, Castle and because Nathan Fillion is the main character on that show I looked him up and remembered that he was in Firefly/Serenity, so watched them. Firefly was good, got a lot better as the season went on and the last few episodes were awesome. it really sucks that they were cancelled so early on. 

so I watched Firefly and then Serenity and Serenity was just awesome, I loved every minute of it :D after that I went back to Fillion's IMDb page and browsed some more and realized that I recognized the movie Waitress as that Keri Russell flick, so I watched that. 

I really enjoyed that movie, up until the last like....ten minutes. and it's getting really annoying that that happens with EVERY MOVIE I WATCH. Pulse, Malice in Wonderland, Wake, Waitress...there are more. I know there are more. it just needs to stop happening :p OH! Inception. grr. 

Fillion is also in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, so I watched that with the bestest.  hm...

I got a new phone today! the Motorola Backflip. it doesn't look like it takes a long time for it to charge, hopefully it DOES take a long time for the battery to die. I'm not good with remembering to charge my phone and what not :p 

next on the list is a new iPod. I want an iPod touch a lot. a lot a lot. 

saw Inception with the brother and aunts on Thursday. that movie really is amazing but as I said, I was dissatisfied with the ending. about half-way through the movie the sound cut out (there was a huge storm outside) and stayed out for a good five minutes or so, so we got free movie passes for the 'inconvenience' or w/e. that's cool, it just means I have to drive all the way out to Menomonee Falls next time I want to see a movie and it has to be before 5:30 PM. sucks.

recently re-connected with a friend of mine, Bryan. we were pretty close in High School, dated a few times too. we go to Starbucks a lot, him, me and the bestest. I'm really hooked on the White Chocolate Mocha's, but Iced now :p

well, you know...I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff going on in my life (hah), but I'm done with the updating for the night. if you miss me, which is slightly unlikely :p, you can follow me on tumblr:; I update there almost everyday. maybe not a lot of my own stuff, but a lot of stuff that actually means something to me and whatnot :D things that I love. 

go on over, check me out. tumblr's a lot of fun once you get used to it :p
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