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  • Day 25 - your day, in great detail: Thursday. Well, I didn't go to sleep Wednesday night, so I was a little tired. I spend most of my day on the computer or watching my cousins. I go out with friends when possible, but really only at night. So, Thursday. I had been up reading a Merlin fic, There's No Makebelieving by miakun over on LJ in her writing comm miafic. While doing that I was DL'ing the first season of True Blood because I'd just finished the first book in the series that that show is based off of. Alex called at around 9 or 9:30 and we went out to breakfast, Mykonos on Capitol. We talked about movies as we do, and TV shows that we both watch. We reminisced about Chuck's latest episode and how AMAZING it was. After I got home, I was entranced for the rest of the day with True Blood. Erin and I were texting back and forth a little bit, making plans for thursday night. I took a shower at 5:25, took maybe a half-hour or 45 minute nap until she came and got me at....7:15 or 7:30. I don't remember. we were both hungry so we went to the mall and ate at Panera. we always sit at the little bar thing at the front of the store. I'm sure people going in and out of the mall think we're absolutely crazy, because I was overtired so we were laughing like maniacs. I always say the weirdest, yet most awesome things when I'm that tired. The Mall, which by default means Panera, closes at 9, so we left at about 8:50 and drove over to the Starbucks that used to be 24 hrs, but now is only open until 1 in the morning. We still ended up staying there till...11, I think. It's so weird, because there's this guy that's there every time we are, and he always sits somewhere in our sight line, and he just stares at us. He must go there almost every day, to be there every time we are, because we don't have any kind of set schedule that we go in there. I detoured like mad all over Milwaukee so we could take the longest way back to my house. And then I watched some more True Blood till around 6 in the morning, writing my EPIC Trek fic too and...yea.
Certainly not great detain, but I don't remember things in great detail. even if I'd done this yesterday night when it was all over, I wouldn't have remembered everything. *shrug*

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