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  • Day 08 - a photo that makes you angry/sad

this is a picture of (my friend) Tom, myself in the middle, and one of my bests, Dani. I met the two of them while I was in Orlando for five months, working at MGM (now Hollywood) Studios on the Disney College Program. it was kind of amazing, and meeting both of them was as well. Tom and could say started dating? I'm not sure. we never made it official, we never talked about it, and it ended kind of horribly. so we're not really friends anymore. that's why this picture makes me sad. because while yes, I miss the relationship part of things, I miss the friendship the three of us had more. I still talk to Dani occasionally, and if she still lived in Fond du Lac, then I'd see her more as well. but yes. I miss those five months, I miss Disney, and I miss these two :D

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