May. 2nd, 2010

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so I used to hate icons that had no real purpose; icons that were just pictures, that didn't really mean anything. I always thought that anyone can screencap a scene, shrink it, and use it as an icon. I had a rule that I only used icons that had some kind of text or somehow explained why I was using it. 

I realize that I'm slowly turning into one of those people that have almost all textless icons. I apologize for my previous views on textless icons and the people who make them. I think I used to feel that the icons somehow had to let the reader know why I was using that icon, and what my post was about.

I'm more of the opinion that the icons are all for me now, and I'm happy with my change of heart :p

EDIT: looking at my icons, I do still have more text icons than textless, but it's started. I have more textless icons saved than text...ones. w/e.

:) *C
sleepmybeauty: Credit: <lj user=fading_melody> ([true blood] eric WUT)
so I'm re-vamping my LJ layout (I think I'll leave the DW one alone) with a Generation Kill theme and I was wondering if any of you guys know of a good/well made/cool lookin' GK Friends Only Banner. I have the layout, I have the quotes I want, I have the mood theme...I don't use headers, because I've never really figured out how (I think it was just last month that I figured out how to use a custom mood theme :p), so I just browse LJ's default layouts and whatnot. 

but I need a new FO banner. Generation Kill or even just ASkars himself would probably work. :D

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