Mar. 22nd, 2010

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 I had this dream last night. it was amazing. it's a fic and not original, but this thing is EPIC. and it wasn't like my usual dreams where everything is disjointed and nothing makes sense, this one came with plot and characters (well, obvs, if it's a fic :p) and a frickin' soundtrack!

I'm really excited about this. Who knows if it will ever get written, but the fact that I was up at 7:40 going over it kind of means something. it has to :D

I don't have names (there's one or two original characters) yet, but they always come sooner or later. I need a state to place this school in (unless I put it in Europe, which would make some sense, but would be weird too, because they don't live in Europe, it's not a boarding school. it's just a high school). 

there was one weird part. Edward and Bella were in it. yea, from twilight. but I'm pretty sure the only reason they made their cameo appearances was because I was reading a fic last night that used the phrase 'his love had eclipsed it' and that made me think of the third book in the series, eclipse, and then I went to bed right after. so, Edward and Bella. makes sense.

but if I just change the names, I can actually use the characters. or keep the names and make a reference to the books...I don't know. 

but like I said, I have the soundtrack ready, I just have to pick the songs. Every Taylor Swift song from 'Fearless' works, and Cobra Starship's 'Hot Mess' was running through my head at some point because my main character starts singing it as she's standing at her locker. so I'll have to pick some select Cobra songs. 

this fic could be epic. so amazing. and I could have fun with it...we'll see. I'm trying to make notes, so I don't forget these scenes that I have in my head from my dream. 

but there's a reason I don't write fic anymore, and that might be the only real problem (other than the fact that I've never finished a single story, fic or original, in my life). I can never tell if I have the character's voices down, if they sound like themselves, if what I make them do is something they'd do at all. I have whole plot lines and story's written out in my head, all of them fics, but I don't know that I'd ever post them because I don't know...if they're right. 

again, I guess we'll have to see. 
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  • Day 08 - a photo that makes you angry/sad

this is a picture of (my friend) Tom, myself in the middle, and one of my bests, Dani. I met the two of them while I was in Orlando for five months, working at MGM (now Hollywood) Studios on the Disney College Program. it was kind of amazing, and meeting both of them was as well. Tom and could say started dating? I'm not sure. we never made it official, we never talked about it, and it ended kind of horribly. so we're not really friends anymore. that's why this picture makes me sad. because while yes, I miss the relationship part of things, I miss the friendship the three of us had more. I still talk to Dani occasionally, and if she still lived in Fond du Lac, then I'd see her more as well. but yes. I miss those five months, I miss Disney, and I miss these two :D

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