Mar. 18th, 2010

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  • Day 04 - your favorite book: oh jeez. this is another hard one :p The Outsiders. we had to read 'That Was Then, This Is Now' in sixth grade reading class and because I have a thing about reading series in order, I immediately went and found 'The Outsiders' and started reading that instead. I finished it in one sitting and then read it again the next day. I wrote fic about that story, I read fic, I fantasized about the characters (Dallas Winston will forever and always be my favorite book character EVER). That book is just all kinds of amazing. the Harry Potter books are a close second though. Percy Jackson & The Olympians, almost any Nora Roberts book (the Chesapeake Bay Saga especially), Gail Carson Levine's books, The Mortal Instruments, Tamora Pierce's Tortall Quartets. I love reading and I read A LOT, so this list could go on. 

Day 05 - your favorite quote 
Day 06 - whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 07 - a photo that makes you happy 
Day 08 - a photo that makes you angry/sad 
Day 09 - a photo you took
Day 10 - a photo take of you over ten years ago 
Day 11 - a photo of you taken recently 
Day 12 - whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 13 - a fictional book 
Day 14 - a non-fiction book 
Day 15 - a fanfic 
Day 16 - a song that makes you cry (or nearly) 
Day 17 - an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) 
Day 18 - whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 19 - a talent of yours 
Day 20 - a hobby of yours 
Day 21 - a recipe 
Day 22 - a website 
Day 23 - a youtube video 
Day 24 - whatever tickles your fancy 
Day 25 - your day, in great detail 
Day 26 - your week, in great detail 
Day 27 - this month, in great detail 
Day 28 - this year, in great detail 
Day 29 - hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days 
Day 30 - whatever tickles your fancy 

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